Poets inspired by the paintings of Poen de Wijs

Last month 2 international poets published work inspired by the paintings of Poen de Wijs.
Three poems by Syed Amaan Ahmad from India and one by Lino Milita from Italy.

Syed Amaan Ahmad was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on June 14, 1983. He came to India when he was about five years. He is a passionate writer since childhood and holds deep passion for various artistic works, including Short Film-making, Music and Painting. Today, he is a professional writer, an eminent Ezine Expert Author with Platinum Status and an acclaimed poet having won several international contests over the last decade. His book titled: The Dark Verses: Collection of Poems was published in Europe in January 2013. Amaan is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Unknown Pen, an organization that encourages Artists, Poets, Writers, Painters, etc; and also sponsors various contests. His new book, published in 2013 has the title: “The Absurdity” 

Lino Milita published several books. “Reciproche Rinascite” is a new one, published in 2013 and is inspired on several artworks in history of art.

Lino Milita lives in Valmontone (Rome) – Italy. You can follow him on his blog: www.poeticamentelino.blogspot.it  or www.facebook.it/lino.milita


Gedicht Illustratie

The Prelude
The flute jumped to dance with the cello,
Whilst the violin blocked its gates;
The souls then floated
Around the melody of melancholy,
But to weave wondrous harmony

Copyright © 2013 Amaan Ahmad


Wisdom once wept, and smiled, then laughed,
and danced around the young soul of the King,
Experiences then swept through his feet,
whilst he cherished the moments of his time
Then rode the old-age on hair of the King,
and turned the golden age into the silver;
There she stood in her grace, young and fresh;
Craving and deserving, immobile she stood
He rested his heavy head on her fragile arm,
Recounting those tales of his experiences
To pass on to her from his old to her youth,
Only to renew the essence of life and to relive
And came his death, riding on its bleak agony,
Whilst she valiantly held his head,
The fragrance of old wisdom now would linger
Underneath the noses of the young minds
Shadows of dolls then danced with masks,
Masquerade of time then flew with songs;
On the wings of moments’ overture,
The exodus arrived, but only to revive!

Copyright © 2013 Amaan Ahmad


There it flows, in colors of cello’s symphony,
The sorrow of dying harmony,
Whilst the clown of irony
Mocks those trunks of misery
The feasts of balloons cherish their carnival,
As the old surpasses the wisdom’s arrival
Then loneliness cuddles the chaotic crowd,
Whilst silence laughs its wits out loud
The young then shuns the discrimination,
As the cloaks conceal its insinuation;
There it flows, in colors of cello’s symphony,
The ecstasy of emerging harmony.

Copyright © 2013 Amaan Ahmad


Poem By Lino Milita (2013)

Costruttore di mondi
Che buona novella offri,
costruttore di mondi?
Nell’avvento d’orizzonte
disegni e predisponi
quest’ennesima eternità.
Auguraci e accoglici
nella fluida e nuova alba
delle altre e nostre e altrui.


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