About ‘Carnival of the Animals’

September 7 – October 6 – 2013

The Carnival of the Animals is a musical composition of 14 pieces for ensemble or small orchestra by the French composer Camille Saint Saëns (1886). He depicts in the music a number of animals with their characteristic qualities. A little mockingly but very effective. He wrote the music purely for his own pleasure and for his friends. In the course of time the composition has become extremely popular.

My latest series of paintings was inspired by this music of Saint Saëns.

When I met the group of acrobats, CORPUS ACROBATICS from Amsterdam and their inspiring leading couple, VINCENT MICHELS and MARLEY ELTZ, I decided to combine the animals with acrobats. Two of the group inspired me the most: LI LING KASSING and DANIELLE BUBBERMAN. They posed in my studio, and it was really a new experience to me! Finding out the anatomy of the “impossible” moves (contorsionism) of their bodies was a challenge!

5.Carnaval des Animaux - Cygne - acryl op doek 100X120 cm

During the years I painted a lot of animals, not only my own dogs and cats, but also many wild animals that I studied while traveling on the Kenyan savanna. I cannot get enough of the observation of animals. And just like Saint Saëns I always have been fascinated by their characteristics.

One of the ingredients of carnival is some “procession”, a wandering group, and that is a perfect way of composing this complex theme. I combined actors, musicians, acrobats and children with the animals in a cheerful setting. In some of the paintings I partially  worked with metallic paint, that gives almost a three dimensional aspect to the works.

Together with the pianist MARIËTTE HEHAKAYA, LI LING KASSING and DANIELLE BUBBERMAN the famous piece “SWANS” was filmed by JOHN VIJLBRIEF, resulting in a 4 minutes film clip.


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